Blog post #1

We all live on the same planet, so we might as well take care of it, right? 

Unless you live under a rock, it’s known that today’s generation is all about being “green”, ethical, eco-conscious, and even glamorous to boot.  Luckily, there’s a blog out there for the eco-fashionista! was created in 2009 by a fledgling ethicist with a cause: “to make ethical self-expression simple, by finding the information and products that will make it easier to shop sustainably. There is no reason to sacrifice quality and sustainability for beauty.” This site covers interviews of designers, reviews green products, praises charitable groups, and even dishes the dirt about popular corporate companies and their sketchy practices. And believe it or not, this website is actually one of the first ethical fashion blogs to exist on the Internet.

The first thing that caught my eye was the headline, considering that it’s the only thing that’s moving and interactive within the page. I feel that the overall design of the page is straight-forward, maybe even boring, but still easy to read for those that follow the blog. There’s three columns of content — left column for  sponsors, right column for navigation, and the middle for the main articles. The background image further emphasizes the verticality of the website. As far as contrast goes, the color scheme is muted. This is probably so that the reader’s eye is drawn to the more colorful photography and more important bits of information.

This website is intended for women interested in beauty and fashion, while keeping our environment and the wellbeing of its people in mind. Again, I feel that it was straightforwardly designed so that it would be easy to navigate and easy to read.


One thought on “Blog post #1

  1. Good start but you should be more thorough in your analysis. I also recommend including a couple more images. They should be larger to show details and help reinforce the content.

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