Blog post #5

All the Single Pages

(uh oh oh, oh oh oh)

Single page websites — why I would put a ring on it:

  • Faster and easier navigation
  • Low maintenance: you only have to maintain one page
  • You can design for quality instead of having to design multiple page layouts for the various types of content
  • Single page websites are less common, and can leave a bigger impression on its visitors

Great Design

Having a taste for the whimsical and nostalgic, I was instantly drawn into James Garner’s portfolio website. The great thing about this website is really his imagery and how clean and organized the content is by giving it a generous amount of space between each section. It was really convenient to have a sort of navigation in each one, and it would change in orientation with accord to the designs, which makes it all the more fun for its visitors.

For example, the second section (Meet Bob) serves as a welcome and contains a horizontal navigation.

The navigation bar in the next  section (Go to Work) is vertical and held by seemingly disgruntled crabs.

Not-So-Great Design

Of the single page websites our class had to choose from, there really weren’t any terribly designed sites. However there are some aspects of web design that a site can lack, that could significantly take away from a visitor’s browsing experience, and ultimately, they end up in disappointment. Sparkling Milk  is visually enjoyable, however it lacks that convenient taxicab — the navigation bar. Whether or not I overlooked the navigation bar, or the lack thereof, on a very vertical single-page website, I honestly would have liked a means of navigation. Scrolling up and down the page, I felt overwhelmed and a little lost. The contents within the page had issues with hierarchy, where the images and the text were fighting for my attention. Plain and simple, it looked cluttered.

Musical Artist

Goldfrapp is an English glam-rock, electro-pop duo, with Alison Goldfrapp on the vocals and Will Gregory, the synthsizer. has a design that coincides with the cover art of their latest album Head First.

The background is incredible eye-candy, not only because of the fantasy-like colors, but also because it’s continuously changing. The navigation bar sits comfortably at the top of the page, under the band name, where it’s easy to locate, making it easy to find your way around the website.


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