Blog Post #6

“13% of the U.S. brush their teeth from side to side.”

I found this interesting because I thought the percentage would be a little higher, but I did assume that the highest percentage of people would brush their teeth in a circular fashion. The other percentage, if any, probably do not brush their teeth at all. Gross.

So the website I will be designing is an informational dental hygiene site for kids from the ages 4 to 7 that they can go through with their parents. Because it’s for a very young audience that can barely read, imagery is key. So I will be using kid-friendly illustrations with plenty of bright colors so that it can encourage healthy dental habits.

Mood Board

These are found pictures from Google Images. The style I am trying to pursue is a 1950s-70s pop-cartoon feel with simple shapes, simple angles, and simple color, which are things that I’m sure that kids are able to appreciate. is one website that I found inspiration from. It was fun to look at. There were bright colors and smiling characters and mascots that seemed to have fun with whatever they were doing. One thing that I noticed is that the games and activities are in the feature, which is an apparent hook; the designer is demanding the children’s attention.



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