Blog Post #7

I’m not a total health-nut, but I do love great-tasting beverages that also happened to be good for you! The ever popular health-fad Vita-Coco is “100% pure coconut water”, in which, through a little research, I found to be one of the most hydrating drinks next to distilled water. seems to be doing a great job selling their product through the design of the website. When I was irked enough about hearing about the Vita Coco fad over and over, I visited their website for the first time, and there was an immediate visual impact.

At a Glance

Maybe it’s my internet speed, but the pages loaded quickly. The color palate and imagery that they used is very effective and pleasing to the eye. Eye-catching, but not interrupting the text. The hierarchy of the text is strong and is clear in using varying text sizes and color.

Navigation was easy to understand and use, and is consistent throughout the website. Each page of the website looks like it belongs to the same site, in which the designer carried repetitive elements throughout the pages.


Looking at the HTML of the home page, it’s organized and easy to understand where the main elements of the page are located.

The navigation bar was created as an unordered list with each link as a list item. The “Main Wrapper” contains the “meat” of the page, and is divided into three columns containing an image of the product, press articles, and a short description.

The footer is also divided into three parts that contain Vita Coco’s social networking pages, a navigation bar for the different flavors, and then the copyright.


The cascading style sheet is especially lengthy, however it’s very organized, all in a logical order, making for a precisely designed webpage.


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