Blog Post #9

What is “Responsive Web Design”?

In a nutshell, it’s about creating a design that is flexible (in terms of  layout, screen size, etc.), accommodating the users and the transition between the desktop computer screen to the screens of smart phones and tablets. It’s, in essence, the responding to society’s technological advances and making it look good with design.

The website I designed for my final project in Introduction to Web Design involved designing for a very young audience than can barely read. It’s an informational dental hygiene site that parents can go over with their children.

(Layout of a computer screen resolution of 960px)

(Layout of a smart phone resolution of 480px)

There wouldn’t be any drastic changes to the design, but adjusting the character images to make them more fluid and decreasing the width of the containers. The navigation would also undergo a change, in which two buttons will move below the first two buttons, making a 2×2 navigation.



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