Blog Post #13

If I could turn back time…

"Obligatory picture of Cher"

These last two semesters of web design surprisingly went by in a snap! I feel like this class taught me more than I imagined, and there’s so much more to learn, considering that technology is always evolving.

I would tell myself to make more time. Make more time to validate. Make more time to design responsively. Make more time to make sure that X meets all the criteria. And etc. I can’t even tell you how terrible I am with losing points over the littlest, simplest things. I would tell myself to make sure that the deliverables are turned in and completed on time, no excuses. Who would want to lose 3 or 5 points per deliverable, already deducted from the final grade? Save yourself from grief and do your homework.

All three of this semester’s projects have taught me to FIRST design responsively. I always end up saving the responsive aspect for last, thus, never having spent the time as I would have wanted. Designing responsively first will save you a lot of time and effort down the road.

Start from scratch. I have an incredibly bad habit with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. For the CSS Zen Garden project, I used an example CSS downloaded from Blackboard. I had always wished I had never done it. I thought it would save me some time to work of the responsive aspect, but I was so wrong. Even though styles were already provided, it cause me hours and hours of confusion. I hope that the incoming web design students won’t go about it the way that I did. Always start from scratch!

These resources are crucial to your success.

Interact With Web Standards (buy) was the required text for both classes. The explanations are idiot-proof and easy to understand. Read it. Know it. Love it.

Validation is your best friend. Use these services at your disposal. And very, very often.


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